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The Mechatronic Systems and Control Laboratory (MSCL) blongs to complex measurement and control system laboratory of the ministry of education in automatic control from Southeast University. The primarily responsible person: Prof. Shihua Li ( New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China, Distinguished Professor of Southeast University).
Our laboratory has published 3 monographs and more than 200 papers in English or in Chinese. MSCL’s major research foucous on single-axis or multi-axis coordinated motion control, AC servo control system, electric bike control system,  washing machine control system, urban rail vehicle braking system, power electronics system and so on. The MSCL has 32 researchers, including 2 professors, 1 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 12 doctors and 15 masters.
The MSCL’s major research programmers includes 3 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 10 provincial projects,  10 enterprise authorized projects, 1 project of Jiangsu Province Outstanding Youth Fund and so on.